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Web Design Services


Office Information Systems Web Design Services can build quality, custom web sites to meet the business objectives of small and mid sized firms, all at a fixed price. Whether you want to create a new web site, upgrade an existing one, or reposition your business to take advantage of new technology on the Web, we are the technology consultants for all your Internet needs.

Graphic Design 

OIS Web Development offers you a complete website solution. Our services start from graphic design to custom programming, complex members-only and bulletin board features.

We will work with you to create a detailed definition of your website. We use this definition to give you a fixed price cost for your project.

Our graphic design services can include everything from logo creation to page layout to the creation of banner ads and animations using Flash®.

  • Update your website yourself using a custom designed utility
  • Event Registration and Management Systems
  • Online Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Bulletin Boards and Forums
  • Members-Only Systems
  • Online Newsletters
  • Website traffic reports monitor hits to each page of your website.


Needs Assessment and Fixed Price Costing

Every project begins with a needs assessment. Our staff will conduct a business consultation with you to determine which pages and action features will help make your business more successful. We spend as much time as necessary to get to know your organization and the profile of the users of your website.  

The result of our needs assessment is a detailed project scope, which we will use to provide you with a fixed price for your website.

Content Integration and Functional Development

Send us brochures and printed materials that you want to be showcased. We will integrate the content into each page of your website and implement the interactive and database features.

Test Phase

We will test your website to ensure that it functions properly in all of the commonly used web browsers. We test every feature of your website to ensure that your clients won't run into errors or layout problems.

Publish to the Web

Once we receive your approval on the completed website, we will take your site and publish it to the World Wide Web.


Our modular system allows you to add pages and features to your web site to keep in step with you as you grow with your business. You can start slowly and add new pages and features over time.

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