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Welcome to Office Information Systems

7730 Pardee Lane

Oakland, CA  94621


Company Description

Office Information Systems is a networking technologies and service firm based in Oakland, California. We are recognized for demonstrating expertise and commitment by providing outstanding technical services since 1982. Our clients include small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofit and government service agencies, private and public interest law firms, education and youth organizations.   

Assisting you with appropriate technology is what we do. We're in business so you can maintain your edge amidst rapid technological change. Straight talk is our hallmark. Try us. We speak your language. 

Office Information Systems takes pride in offering an array of appropriate networking hardware and software solutions that complement our affordable, quality technology services. We strive to meet our clients’ high expectations and work closely with them to ensure that their investments in technology goods and services achieve the goals for which they are purchased.

Computer Systems and Network Design

Office Information Systems provides client needs analysis, requirements definition, networking systems design and quality maintenance. We are expert in designing and supporting local and wide area network infrastructures with both wired and wireless technologies. We cut through the advertising hype and inflated vendor claims to recommend only those products that are most appropriate to your needs and budget. Because we do not stock any equipment, we are motivated by our clients’ requirements, and not the need to move inventory. 

Equipment Installation, Configuration, & Virtual IT Services

Desktop workstation installations and backroom data-center and server configurations are our specialty. Post-installation support contracts are key to Office Information Systems' outsourced virtual information technology (IT) for those organizations that cannot justify the cost of their own full-time technical support staff. These services enable our clients to focus on their core competencies with confidence that Office Information Systems will handle their technical requirements. 

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